Four Poems by Nancy Ndeke

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In shadows, masks of virtue they adorn,
Yet actions reveal truths they’d rather hide,
With whispered lies and smiles that thinly worn,
They cloak their deeds in shadows, far and wide.

In politics, they weave a twisted game,
Their power games bring suffering and pain,
With promises of change, they fan the flame,
But in their wake, despair and loss remain.

In culture’s guise, they claim a moral high,
Yet justify the rot, with cynic’s grace,
They celebrate the broken, watch them die,
Their silent claps betray a heartless chase.

Sagely robes can’t hide the hearts they stain,
Hypocrisy, the source of endless pain.


Within spaces  of existence, threads entwined,
Death, the great equalizer, no favour confined,
It comes in myriad forms, a silent decree,
Yet cycles persist, like seasons, typical pedigree.

In the potter’s hidden chambers, secrets unfold,
Gender assigned, but sometimes with mysteries untold,
Defects in this crafting, more questions arise,
Yet, we dance through the rhythm, under vast skies.

Man, the clever creator, a mind so grand,
Yet driven by control, a complex god-hand,
Ego’s dominion, a struggle we face,
In this fractured world, a relentless race.

Splintered divisions, both real and contrived,
In every household, a mental divide,
A chronic breakdown in the hearts of us all,
The world in its turmoil, humanity’s fall.

To find balance anew, a healing to start,
We must nurture compassion in every heart,
Embrace diversity, let unity reign,
In love’s gentle cadence, we’ll mend every pain.

In the tenets of wisdom, let’s find our way,
To heal the world’s wounds, come what may,
For unity’s the answer, in harmony’s song,
To mend the world’s spirit, where we all belong.

So let us break free from the ego’s control,
Reconnect with our essence, make humanity whole,
In this lyrical journey, the path we must find,
To heal the world’s soul and restore humankind.


Farewell, Narcissism, ego’s seductive song,
We bid you adieu, for it’s time to right the wrong.
In your self-absorbed mirror, humanity did sway,
But now we seek a brighter, more empathetic day.

Racial biases, your dark shadow did divide,
In unity we stand, our differences we’ll not hide.
Economic crimes, your greed-infested game,
We’ll build a world of justice, where all find their claim.

Wars, your drums of destruction, we silence at last,
In peace and understanding, our future is cast.
Gender disparities, your chains we’ll break free,
Equality and empowerment, for all genders, we decree.

Child molestation, a heinous, vile crime,
We vow to protect the innocent, every precious time.
Climate abuse, the Earth’s fragile cry,
We’ll heal our planet, under the same vast sky.

Through the wisdom of history and faith’s guiding light,
We’ll vanquish these demons, with all our might.
Let love be our compass, compassion our guide,
As we bid farewell to darkness, in unity, we’ll stride.

So, Narcissism, and all that divides our core,
We part ways with you, to foster peace evermore.
In unity, we rise, to mend what’s been torn,
A world of hope and harmony, in which we’re reborn.


Tales have flown where love defied the norm,
A gale of hearts, both brave and warm,
Through time and trials, they’d persist,
In love’s embrace, they could not resist.

In ancient times, against customs bold,
Romeo and Juliet, their incredible story told,
Feuding houses, their love did bind,
Defying fate, their hearts entwined.

Historical shadows cast by the Berlin Wall,
Love transcended, heard its call,
East and West, their worlds apart,
Yet love’s flame burned within each heart.

Elsewhere where faith cast judgments stern,
Forbidden love, they’d brightly yearn,
Across divides, like night and day,
They’d find a way, love’s price to pay.

In hidden chambers, secret smiles,
Innocence facing harsh trials,
Love would blossom, sweet and free,
Beyond the eyes of society.

In lands where love was heresy,
Galileo’s heart did ardently plea,
Heavens above, stars that gleam,
His love for science, a relentless dream.

In moments where love dared to tread,
 Defying kings, the world they’d wed,
Unshaken hearts in turbulent seas,
Love’s enduring spirit, a boundless breeze.

Love, a soldier, fierce and true,
In every heart, it finds its cue,
No boundaries, no chains can bind,
For love, forever, will eternally shine.

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Nancy Ndeke
Nancy Ndeke

Nancy Ndeke loves to read and write. She is a poetry enthusiast, with her works appearing in many international magazines, groups and ezines. She has a few poetry books and some notable collaborations with other eminent poets. Currently, she is working on a book of short stories and a children’s book.

She is a contributing author to "Wildfire Magazine", which runs four copies a year.

Articles: 1