At the Road Junction

this man, virtually homeless and disowned by family, has to find ways of surviving: he sleeps on the pavement, under a makeshift shelter of cardboard and tarpaulin; goes for the meals in a run-down hotel, twenty minutes away, along the snaking highway but this old greying man--- with broken spectacles and dirt-encrusted old shirt and crumpled pyjama and broken irregular teeth and eyes that are blank...
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The pain passed. Disappointment turned to admiration. I couldn’t take my eyes of him. He was still living in my womb. In a PH driver’s car, I read a sign, “Ah smiling but ah grinding.” Passive aggressive, it correctly identified…

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A Right Disabled

Bhanu is a mentally challenged boy. He gives company to a boy of a working mother. She is planning to take the boy to a Rehabilitation centre. But, Bhanu suddenly leaves his job at his father's order causing much pain to the family.
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