Aakhir and Other Stories

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Aakhir and Other Stories
Abu Siddik
Authorspress (2022)
124 Pages

Abu Siddik is one of the most realistic writers of our time. Although I am new to reading his writings, they have aroused considerable interest in me for their depth and intensity.

His Akhir and Other Stories is a compelling collection that serves as a mirror to our contemporary society. It tackles pressing issues such as education, unemployment, disrespect for parents, and the plight of the subaltern. Stories also expose the inhumanity and cruelty of the well-off class of our society.

It is evident from all the stories that Abu Siddik remained the witness of most of the incidents/events represented in the stories. He is a keen observer of our day-to-day lives and society. There are lots of expressions used in the stories that imply Bengal’s culture and way of life.

The stories under review describe the message of the reformation of our society. They speak about the harsh reality of our ultra-modern society.

The stories, with their intriguing themes, always left me in suspense, eagerly anticipating the author’s next revelation.

I appreciate the author’s way of writing. In our fashionable world, we are always in competition with others to develop our status more and more. But Siddik has highlighted the issues of downtrodden people whose topics are always neglected.

The themes and and the simplicity of the stories really touched my heart. I am eagerly waiting for his next book.

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Taufika Tamanna
Taufika Tamanna

Visiting faculty, Department of English, Plassey College, Nadia, West Bengal.

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