Labours-Loaded Lalgola Passenger

Labours-loaded Lalgola Passenger,
happy to see these faces
in mornings and afternoons,
no words can tell
their stories,
hidden under the earth-shaking headlines
of the elite columnists

Gamachas they buy
chanas they eat
ludoo they play,
a terrified assortment
of dry and tender limbs,
hands full of lines

No Sens, no Chatterjees,
no Banerjees, no Dasguptas,
no holy threads either,
only nylon bags filled
with lungis and gamachas,
used jeans and jackets
you can buy at 100
at Court Bazaar

Cheap and best,
Bengali Muslim variety,
can be easily abused,
exploited and cheated,
profit before hands,
know the leaders,
know the dealers

Coaches filled with Sekhs
hawkers may be Mondals, Ghoses, Sarkars
Buyers are mainly Sekhs,
(not of Arab, you know)

Babus are in reserved coaches,
aiming at the labourer-Sekhs’ dreams
if they have any…

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I write because there is some lie that I want to expose, some fact to which I want to draw attention, said George Orwell. As a writer, I never kowtow to the whims and dictates of the sacred godmen or godwomen, the political bigots and hypocrites, dealers of laymen, the dishonest and self-serving intellectuals, traders of religions, the betrayers of ‘other’ Indians who eke out a living by their sweat, who are living in fear for being lynched for this and that.

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