Incredible Land!

We read science, but we are still confused about the creation of our planet. We take benefits of science. But we don't believe in science. We are conquering the moon. At the same time, we are funding research on cow urine to find traces of gold in it.
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Modi’s Looking Away Tweet

Simply put, love cannot be exhibited or publicised by changing one’s digital profile or uploading a picture of the national flag to social media. It’s a matter of internalisation that occurs in the innermost of one’s mind. Any public display of any love is simply a gimmick.
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Lunatics inside the Indian Parliament

Ever since the Modi government came to power organised violence against Muslims has been on the rise. It has reached such a level that constant fear is plaguing many ordinary Muslims throughout the country. Reports after reports have documented accounts of hatred against the Muslim community. Islamophobia has gripped the country. Hatred has been spread at such a level that gory incidents are taking place at regular intervals. Lynching has become a new-normal affair in the country.
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